The first ever virtual twin of Monaco in collaboration with the Smart City department within the Metaverse.

Register, create, and customize your own avatar, make it look like you or completely change your identity while meeting other people within the virtual city in a vast interactive multiplayer experience.

Visit the Monaco of tomorrow directly through the power of our immersive VR technology

We recreated the city of Monaco Ville within DWorld and are in the phase of expanding it to new areas including Monte Carlo.

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Starting from the first-class city of Monaco,

we have recreated for our first pilot an immersive exploration

of its main economic sectors for you to fully enjoy from your own home

“These virtual reality spaces could become the latest way to discover Monaco.

People all over the world could use them to view many of the Principality’s digital projects” 

Cyrille-Rainier Boisson, Head of the digital twin project

led by the Smart City Department in the Principality of Monaco


Be able to have a whole new different shopping experience in Monaco!

 Go on a shopping spree, and try your favourite virtual products

directly on your avatar as though you’re standing inside the boutiques physically!

Access and shop unique products that are popular only in the local market.

Enjoy the luxurious environment of Monaco and be part of the niche society.


Visit the future of all museum experiences and discover

the local heritage of Monaco!

Wonder through the streets of Monaco, and discover the local enterprises and cultural activities. Enjoy a whole new dynamic and immersive environment where you can fully empathise with the local people and culture.


Many people from all over the world come to Monaco to visit the luxurious apartments that only less than 1% can afford.

Within DWorld you can purchase your virtual apartment while still enjoying

the outstanding view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Maritime Alps

protecting the city from the cold winds.

Customize your dream apartment, virtually purchase it, and invite your friends

directly into virtual reality to see it and spend time together!


Be able to enter directly in contact with our partnered real estate agents

to purchase even the real world apartment you always wanted.




The vast Mediterranean is what characterizes this special environment.

Gather with your friends onboard an exclusive yacht.

In our platform, you’ll be able to customize the yacht of your dream

and be able to purchase its virtual asset or arrange a physical visit with our partners.


Access unique and majestic events in the Principality.

Attend real-world events from the comfort of your sofa

in our multiuser virtual environment and be able to meet

renowned celebrities worldwide through the platform.




Explore grandiose hotels and savour refined culinary experiences.

From 5-star hotels to Michelin starred restaurants, live the luxury life

you’ve ever dreamt of. Experience Monaco in an immersive and visceral

emotional way that you won’t ever be able to forget.