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NOTE: DWorld is NOT a virus. It is so new, that your virus scanners may think it’s doing something unusual, for either Mac or Windows.

It is perfectly safe.

To make the program easy to use, we have a small executable that then downloads the large world of Monaco. This may be interpreted as a virus. It is not.

Please accept the program and allow it to run.

“Download for Windows” will download  a small program. When you run that program, it will then the rest of Monaco, all automatically. It may seem to ‘freeze’ for a while – depending on your Internet. It’s not frozen, it make take quite a long time – an hour or more, it’s a 6GB download.

Installation instructions

Once you do the download for windows, you need to run the program downloaded so it can load the rest of DWorld Monaco. Run the program. Windows may then block you. If you get the below screen, click on ‘More Info’

Windows Protected your PC

Once you click on ‘More Info’ click “Run anyway”


The Mac version is not as advanced as the windows version due to GPU reasons. We have left version 7 up for you below.

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