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NOTE: Dworld is NOT a virus. It is so new, that your virus scanners may think it’s doing something unusual, for either Mac or Windows.

It is perfectly safe.

To make the program easy to use, we have a small executable that then downloads the large world of Monaco. This may be interpreted as a virus.

Please accept the program and allow it to run!

We have two ways for you to download, depending on the speed of your connect. “Download for Windows” will download  a small program. When you run that program, it will then the rest of Monaco, all automatically. It may seem to ‘freeze’ for a while – depending on your Internet.


If that doesn’t work, the next two downloads “Part 1 – Monaco terrain” and “Part 2 – Windows Installer”  BOTH have to be downloaded. Run the installer only after you’ve downloaded ‘Monaco terrain’ (Part 1)



The Mac version is not quite out yet. We have left version 7 up for you, below, but please don’t download it.

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