Meet us

Meet Us

Manila Di Giovanni

Founder And CEO

Dedicated herself on the creation of digital social communities since high school where she won 1st place and €6000 in an European contest.

Always been seen as a point of reference by her peers. A multicultural background since birth with a vision to make the world a better place through the power of virtual reality technologies.

Worked in the field of finance and accounting at Cambiaso Risso Asia Pte, Ltd. in Singapore.

Worked in the business development field at Neufast Limited, Shanghai, China where she also learnt Chinese to an intermediate level within only two months.

Christian Bertelsen

Co-Founder and COO

A competitive individual with experience in the corporate
environment from his past experiences as an administrative assistant and a sales associate in Denmark.

Used to navigate in a multicultural environment due to his time living abroad in Portugal, Spain, Germany and lastly his studies in Monaco, which have shaped his international and cultural understanding.

John Gwinner


A technical manager and evangelist, he contributed to
VRML/Web3D, as well as developing a VR interface and chat room for CompuServe, building online global communities.

As the senior tech executive, he developed an ERP/SW consulting company from 12 to 350 people.

He’s now making it easy (er) to build Virtual Worlds by writing the book “Getting started with React VR [React 360]” for Packt publishing.

He is a Quora Top Writer about VR from 2018 through 2020.

Fabrice Marquet

Partner And Senior Advisor

Fabrice worked as a research scientist in medtech for more than 12 years in top-tier institutes worldwide.

He was deeply involved in the entrepreneurial scene leading
to multiple startup successes including one IPO.

He setup from scratch and led MonacoTech, the first and only incubator program in Monaco. In less than a year, he created a portfolio of 12 hand – selected companies valued over 100M €.

Brian Frederiksen

Partner And Senior Advisor

Brian is former Chief Strategy & Operating Officer of MERCK’s Healthcare Services & Solutions.

Brian is also the former Global Head of Business Development & Channels at IBM WATSON.

A Fortune 500 Executive, a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits, and a Senior Advisor on Artificial Intelligence and Innovation to several European governments.