Carbon Neutral

How Green is DWorld?

Even if you don't agree with the overwhelming climate scientist consensus that the Earth's climate is changing, environmentally responsible power use is important. Who wouldn't want clean air?

Is DWorld Green?

What about all the power the DWorld servers burn generating the world?

Our servers actually don’t generate the Virtual world. Our servers use only minimal amounts of power, to coordinate all of the people walking around and to connect each other with voice. This is mostly a networking bandwidth issue, not a power issue. We currently use servers that are shared globally with other networked games such as Somnium Space, VR Chat, Gorilla Tag, and 700,000 other studios and developers.

This does not mean our data gets mixed with theirs; it is secure. What it means is that if you aren’t in DWorld, the servers that would normally be burning electricity just idling are instead being used for another game, reducing the overall load.

Secondly, most data centers, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud, are all either already carbon neutral (Azure) or have announced plans to be carbon neutral soon.

Where is the world generated?

The DWorld visuals and VR world is generated on your PC and in your headset. 99% of the power is thus used by the device you’re probably reading this on. Is your power company or your house carbon neutral? (This is an honest question!)
To really find out if your PC is carbon neutral would depend on what power company you are currently using, and if your home has renewable energy (Solar or wind).
Many homes are. We hope yours is, or that you are considering Solar power or other renewable energy.

What about the Crypto Currency?

Crypto currency can be a very large source of carbon, as it tends to be computationally intensive. This is due to how Crypto works. In a nutshell, to be decentralized, robust, scalable, and secure, generally requires some mathematical operations to maintain the block chain – the central ledger. These operations, usually referred to as “Mining” can be extremely energy intensive.

DWorld’s crypto, however, is not. It uses a concept called “Proof of Stake” which is much more energy efficient than say BitCoin, which uses “Proof of Work”

The DWorld crypto currently uses the Algorand network. The Algorand cryptocurrency uses the work of Prof. Silvio Micali, and represents a new orchestration of state-of-art distributed computation, cryptography, and game theory turned the original blockchains’ aspirations into the brand new Algorand Pure Proof of Stake (PPoS) consensus protocol.

Algorand is now one of the world’s first carbon negative, layer-1, public blockchains (if not The First ?).

You can read about this more here.