DWorld has recreated the first virtual twin of a country within the metaverse in the world starting from the Principality of Monaco. 

We recreate smarter and greener virtual twins of cities worldwide, integrating all the main economic sectors in one single virtual reality platform to start the era of the V-Economy.

Live breathtaking experiences within a dynamic, immersive and interactive environment representing the more sustainable world of tomorrow.


DWorld is a bridge between the virtual world and real life.

We create a real need for people to want to make an impact.

If you’re also a Worlder, you will want to see the changes made within DWorld applied also in reality. We focus to help cities to improve their urban planning to become greener by launching pilot projects.

We incentivise local brands to have an enhanced competitive edge by being able to display their core brand experience in a tailor-made way.


A Worlder is an integrating member of ourcommunity who sees the world from a different perspective.

Worlders want to make an impact by helping to set a vision of what the world of tomorrow should be like.

They envision and take part in the development of our future cities and economies for then making it a reality.

Our Philosophy

For DWorld, the diamond represents a seed that keeps growing to generate more wealth and opportunities for people globally through the smarter, greener, and thriving future towards which the Metaverse is leading humanity. 

In the beginning all of the technologies had been fragmented by splitting AR, VR, Blockchain, NFTs, Cryptocurrencies into different categories. Now that the Metaverse era has started becoming mainstream and widely adopted, every fragment is coming into place to define our future. 

The next level of human interaction has started coming alive and the seed already started to grow thanks to all the technological advancement that humans have led for the past centuries enabling us to open the door to a new era where people won’t feel far anymore and will start feeling more empathy thanks to the Metaverse.

In this new era, we are defining all together, each action we take is interconnected to a cause and effect chain.

Through the metaverse by simulating what can happen in our world, we can prevent bad decisions being made for the future of our world. We can enhance our cities by redesigning and even by expanding them in these new virtual twins linked to the real word cities.

At DWorld, we connect physical spaces with the virtual ones and connect the past, present and future, to advance together and co-create the future of the world.



From Monaco for Monaco forwarded to the world.


Di Giovanni

Founder and CEO




Digital Marketing Manager

Dr. Julia

Brand Strategy Advisor