Visit Monaco in Virtual Reality with DWorld


Visit Monaco in Virtual Reality with DWorld

If you have ever dreamt of visiting Monaco but you never had the opportunity or the budget to do it, we have great news for you. Now you can travel there without having to move from home thanks to the magic offered by Virtual Reality. Do you want to know how? We of DWorld are here to explain it to you.

The Principality of Monaco is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. It is a place that mixes historical monuments like Fort Antoine or the Chapel of Mercy, with educational places like the Oceanographic Museum, and modern attractions like the Casino or the F1 Grand Prix. But it is especially a city that makes people dream: not only because of the luxury boutiques, the yachts, and the VIPs the populate this wonderful place, but also thanks to the royal family and fables like the story of Grace Kelly.

Everyone has the dream of going there, and spend some time inside this magical place, but unluckily it is not always possible: Monaco is very close to France and Italy, but if you live outside Europe, it could be expensive to go there, not to mention the tiresome traveling hours that you would need to go through. All of this is even worse now during the current pandemic. That’s why we of DWorld, based in the Principality, have thought about how to give everyone in the world the pleasure of being inside Monaco, even with a little budget of time and money.  To make this possible, we created the DWorld Monaco virtual world, which exploits the latest virtual reality technologies to let you travel inside the city of Monaco.

If you don’t know virtual reality, you just have to know that it is the technology that you may have seen in movies like Ready Player One: you wear a pair of big glasses (called headsets) and you are teleported inside a virtual world. It is like entering inside a video game with all your body, so instead of just playing The Sims on your screen, you are inside their world, you really become one of The Sims. It is like virtual teleportation, and with the latest products, you can afford this magic for prices as low as $299.

We are recreating inside DWorld the whole city of Monaco: we have started with a little part of the historical block of Monaco Ville, and we are going to expand it in the upcoming months. If you download our application, you can enter the virtual Monaco, and virtually travel there without moving from home. The reproduction of the city has been very faithful, and so you can appreciate all the beautiful buildings of the city. The experience is also multiplayer, and this means that you and your friends can travel virtually to Monaco together, while having a walk in its famous streets, go on a shopping spree, visit the apartments, have a friendly chat, and enjoy your time there. All of this without spending money on traveling!

Since Virtual Reality is not only about recreating our current reality, but also about producing something that is a bit fantastic, we have not only reproduced the city of Monaco but also enhanced it, imagining how it could become in the future, especially in a future that is more technological and greener at the same time.

In our virtual Monaco, you can do much more than just walking, you can:

  • Enter a Luxury Boutique and try some expensive clothes together with your friends
  • Visit some famous restaurants
  • Visit some luxurious apartments offered by local real estate agencies
  • Enjoy the natural marvels of the Oceanographic Museum

There is one last thing we want to tell you: the virtual Monaco is connected to the real one. One of the things that we like the most about traveling is going shopping and buying some souvenirs. In our virtual Monaco we are working on a system so that if you buy something in the virtual world (like a T-shirt for your avatar), you can choose to actually buy it also for your real-world (and so you receive a real T-shirt at home to impress your friends). This creates a perfect bridge between what is virtual and what is real, like in a futuristic movie.

Virtual traveling has never been so realistic and magical.
Head to our registration page, create an account, and start living the Monaco experience with your friends!

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